Sun, 11 Jun 2023

Whether you're a cyclist or an athlete, hair removal is a part of your daily regime. It gives you a beautifully toned body and hairless legs are more aerodynamic. Many cyclists claim that hair-free legs help heal wounds much faster if they have any injury or road rash. Further applying oils, lotions, and other ointments becomes easy to massage and helps in smoother absorption.

Unwanted enormous body hair hampers the athletes' performance. Research shows that cyclists and marathoners perform better at sports once they eliminate excessive hair. Research claims that swimmers swim faster as hairless legs help reduce body drag.

Are you an intrigued athlete? Wondering how to get those toned and smooth legs without wasting much time? Let's find some benefits of removing hair and how to do that.

Why is IPL hair remover best for athletes?

Now you can have hairless, smooth, and hairless skin right in the comfort of your home. Try the Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal handset in two beautiful colors: purple and white. Customizable in three modes: soft mode(face, bikini, Under lips), body mode(Legs and arms), and power mode (chest and underarms), fulfilling all your body needs. Approved by the FDA and meeting all health standards, it gives you smooth and polished skin for your toned athletic physique.

1. Better performance

Hairless athletes run 0.01 seconds faster than the ones with hair, as less hair reduces water and air resistance. That is why most swimmers and runners get rid of their unwanted hair. Further, cyclists and tennis athletes claim that a hairless body is more relaxed and cooler in summer than hairy legs.

2. Comfortable

Imagine being a sports person, and your hair gets tugged or tangled in training equipment, bicycles, etc. Most athletes go hairless mainly to feel comfortable and experience relaxed training. As too much hair gets in the way of professional training and exercises.

3. Heals quickly

Injury is a regular and an everyday experience for an athlete. Whichever sports you belong to, getting injured is a mandatory regime of your job. It's a hard, rather painful experience for a hairy sportsperson to apply bandages and ointments; however, the same process is seamless and easy for a hairless athlete. One of the main reasons most athletes go hairless to avoid hampering is the healing process of sports injuries.

4. Aesthetically appealing

A hairless toned body looks more attractive and appealing than a hairy one. That is why most athletes go hairless, as it shows their toned physique and how much effort they put in to look like that.

5. Polished skin

Did you know IPL hair removal treatment gives you smooth and polished skin? It looks bump-free, helps sportspeople perform optimally, and looks aesthetically appealing.

Final Note

IPL hair removal treatment with Ulike Air3 lets the athletes enjoy a hairless smooth body without enduring painful hair removal sessions. Before any sports tournament or event, you can get a smooth, hairless body right in the comfort of your home. For more information, read our blogs on Ulike.

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