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How to Present Logo Designs with Branding Mockups

13 May 2022, 20:24 GMT+10

We believe you might have already heard about branding mockups and would be knowing what they comprise. If you are unaware of this; branding mockups are the presentation of a brand's stationery and packing. This is one of the most important and integral things. Don't you feel convinced about this already? You can look for multiple custom logo designs online but until you are able to present them in the right way, you will have to keep doing things over and over.

So here is a quick guide on how to present your logo design with branding mockups.

A brief about branding mockups and logo design presentation

If you are planning to present your logo to your client there are multiple ways and one of the most adopted and effective ways amongst them is through branding mockups. The best part about a mockup is that it is a template and you can use it for any kind of logo presentation, right from an automotive logo to a YouTube logo and even for a transportation logo.

Even if you haven't prepared your logo yet, the mockup can help in showcasing your ideal logo to them. It helps in illustrating your would be logo in the real world. So you can use the powerful tools of the templated to create a picture of what your logo would look like. For example, if you are wanting to showcase a logo for your transportation company, you can simply create a favourable website and then the best logo suggestions would come up.

Why should you use the product mockups to design your logos?

There are multiple reasons why you should be using the mockups for your presentation but amongst all of them, we have listed a few. You can go through them and based on your analysis decide what can be your thing.

  • It can help you with your visuals and it can become an aid for your explanation. You can simply get a virtual and temporary logo similar to what you want and then discuss things based on that.
  • The product mockups are one of the best ways of presentation because it also helps in providing the finest details of your logo. Your client can see, access, and understand even the minute things you are planning to integrate into your logo. And that's a wonderful thing, isn't it?
  • Using the virtual tools, you can also help the client in understanding how their logo will look like, on multiple things. Like on their website, blogs, clothes, business cards, forums, emails, and other places.
  • While this is just a virtual visual of your client's logo, they can understand the complete thing and suggestions for changes they wish to see. This way you will not have to actually revise the logo over and over. The elements that need revision can be corrected then and there and you can then start building up on it.
  • Be it the font, colour, design, shape, or any other element- it would be easier to edit it here on the mockup rather than doing the same on a completely designed logo.

Some key tips that will help in quick approvals of your logo designs

  • Focus on the strengths

Yeah, one of the most important things to keep in mind while presenting your designs is to talk about the strengths of your logo. More importantly, you should be talking about the features and elements of your design. This way you will be talking about concrete things and is highly likely to impress your client.

  • Explain the goals of the logo

Obviously, you have created the logo in-line with the brand's image and its offerings. But on the other hand, you will have to explain the same to your client. Every element in your logo means something and that's what your client would love to know about. Now, that's the trick. The more you make your client curious and impressed by explaining the goals of the logo, the better it will be for you. Try telling them about the customer base it is going to adhere to and other related things.

  • Stick to the brief

While giving your presentation, there are a few things that you should not deviate from and one of them is the brief. There are many clients who would leave everything to the creators whereas some clients offer a brief to the creators. Whatever be the case, you should and must have a brief and when you have one, just stick to it. Do not lose it anywhere throughout the presentation. And that might just win you the client.

  • Relate it to the practical situations

There is another trick to win a client and that's to present your logo in the practical world. Now that doesn't mean you will have to do any marketing of the logo or something. It simply means you should know how your logo will perform in the real world. Will it be attractive or intimidating or not. Access these points and then build up on them. After all your client would be keen to know how their logo will get more business. Give them what they want and that's going to do the trick for you.

  • Use multiple mockups

Being a creator, do not simply rely on a single mockup or template. Have a few backing you up. That's important because the first logo might simply backfire and if you stand there with no other options it will show a negative image of yours. Which obviously none of us wants and that too in a presentation. So, keep a few backups/ mockups.


Now, with all the above information you would have already understood the need and importance of branding mockups. It gives you a good chance to understand things while they are at the initial stages and then build up on them. So, while you take up another project of designing a logo be it a vintage logo or any other as a matter of fact; try mockups. That will save your time as well as the efforts of your resources. So, give it a try at least once.

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