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5 Best Photo Gifts for Special Ones

30 Apr 2022, 02:24 GMT+10

A photo is worth a thousand words, and when you have it engraved somewhere on your walls or pillow, you set some mood in your living space. The best way to sprinkle some extra touch and thought into a gift is to personalise it with some photos.

Engraved messages and monograms are some of the best ideas. In this case, they can bring back the past and make your home feel more sentimental.

Whether you shop for your loved one or family, having a gift made from your personalised photos is always a great idea. Gift your family or friends a gift with your favourite photo or that of your pets and see how they'll treasure it.

1 - Personalised photo frames

A personalised photo frame is a gift you can have if you want to refresh memories in every gift you send your loved ones.

Whether it's a wedding or birthday anniversary, gifting someone a personalised photo frame will make their day. A personalised photo frame is a gift that your loved one will cherish for the longest time.

2 - Personalised canvas prints

When it's time to send someone on a personalised gift, you should think of custom made canvas prints. Canvas prints come in different varieties, and you want to choose one that suits your preferences. Make your canvas prints with your photos and create a memory that someone will cherish forever.

You can have any of your photos on canvas prints and make them stand out. Canvas prints are best for living rooms, offices, and dining. Send your friend and loved one custom-made canvas prints and have them cherish you forever.

3 - Personalised coffee mug

A personalised coffee mug is another gift you can send your loved ones on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, or graduation. It is a great way of making your loved one's coffee time amazing and full of memories.

You can buy personalised coffee mugs online and offline from gift stores. There are different types of personalised coffee mugs with various shapes, designs, and sizes. Get a personalised image on the mug and gift it to your loved one or family. Your message or photo will be digitally printed on the mug, reminding the recipient of the memory you share.

4 - Personalised cushion

If you love cushions on your couch, you can have them personalised for a good experience at home. A personalised cushion can have your wedding picture, favourite pet, or family picture printed on it with some inspirational message.

You can use your personalised cushions to add comfort to your couch or home decor. Cushions also add some class and decor to your living room.

5 - Personalised handkerchief

Handkerchiefs are not as common as they used to be. However, they still make the best gifts you can send your loved ones. If you have a friend fond of carrying a handkerchief around, getting them a personalised handkerchief is the best you can do. You can have your handkerchief with some inspirational quote or your photo printed.

When you gift someone, you should find something that holds a lot of meaning for them, like their favourite pet or flower. Have these printed or drawn on the handkerchief before you can send them as a gift.

Final Thoughts

A personalised gift is worth more to anyone, and photos make them worthy. If you plan to send your loved one or family a personalised photo gift, you can think of the five ideas listed here. Send your loved one a personalised canvas print, cushion, photo frame, or some mug to make them remember you for life.

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