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Singapore, a small country state with one of the world's highest population densities, is home to the majority of the world's main religions. It boasts a diverse ethnic and religious population.

Funerals are generally a sad occasion. Regrettably, such events are an unavoidable part of life in Singapore, as they are everywhere else. Singapore has long been identifiable for its unique cuisine culture, rich surroundings, and welcoming people and variety of religions living together. Singapore with its cultural diversity seems to have strong and enduring customs for funerals and memorials. Even though many countries are continually developing in this domain particularly, Singapore ensures that its funeral practices remain rooted in centuries of tradition.

Because of the largely Buddhist population that has been in Singapore for decades, nearly all funerals are handled in a Buddhist manner. You might barely witness the deceased being buried in Buddhist funerals in Singapore as it isn't much common in this part of the world. The reason being it might be influenced and modernized with time however, after the funeral ceremony, in the Buddhist tradition, the deceased is cremated. After the ceremony, the family decides what to do with the ashes.

Buddhist Funeral Packages

Funeral Service Singapore offers the most reliable and reasonable Buddhist Funeral Package for Buddhist followers residing in Singapore. Our services include;

    • Body collection & conveyance: Collecting bodies from the hospital to the temple or cremation centers, we provide efficient and comfortable conveyance to our customers.
    • Quality casket: It is believed that the dead body should be well-dressed and cleaned before placing in a casket. Our services are available in this regard as well as a well-polished premium quality casket with half view glass (available in 3 colors). However, the viewing might take place in the church, funeral chapel, or even at home. A casket can be open or closed based on a family member's decision.

  • At the wake: As Buddhist funeral services include a shrine with the deceased person's photo and an image of the Buddha, surrounded by candles, flowers, and fragrance, Singapore Funeral Service Singapore offers ;
  • I enlarged the photo ( 10 x 12) and 6 passport sized photos
  • A floral frame ( 11 x 13)
  • Fresh flowers arrangement
  • Donation collection safe box and record book
  • Carpeted Flooring, Curtains, and Tentage (for family and friends gatherings)
  • Buddhist-style backdrop (Premium Modern LED). In White / Yellow Themes
  • 15 square tables
  • 10 round tables
  • One Hundred (100) plastic chairs.
  • Ivory Table Cloths & Seat Covers
  • 2 x Air Cooler/ Heaters
  • Buddhist Sutra Blanket.
  • Ceremonial Items: Joss Sticks, Lotus Candles, Incense Coil, Premium Lotus Blanket, Incense Pot, etc.
  • LED Street Lamp, Straw Mats, etc.
  • Pearl Set to be placed on deceased lips.
  • White Polo Shirts are provided as well at No Extra Charge regardless of quantity.
  • Mandai Cremation Fees.
  • 50 Seater Air-conditioned buses (2-way).
  • Cleansing Flower Water on Funeral Day.
  • Readily Folded Small Towel Gift Sets with coins.
  • Glass Hearse Transport on Funeral Day.
  • Post Funeral Customary Advice for 49 Days etc.
  • Complimentary on-site WIFI, subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • QR Code Contact Tracing and Safe Distancing measures.
  • Ash Collection Service
  • Buddhist Monk Chant: Generally, the funeral involves prayers and meditations led by a monk. In case of unavailability of monks. We are well aware of your needs and requirements in this regard; we might provide individual monks to conduct chants during the funeral day and onwards.
  • Food: will provide vegetarian food per chanting session.
  • Lighting: We will make sure the arrangements for all-around lighting of the Void Deck

Mobile toilet and chiller: 1 mobile toilet for the day will be available @ $80 while 1 chiller costing $50 for the day will make a good deal in Buddhists Funeral Services.

Taoism in Singapore

One of the most important aspects of traditional Chinese culture, alongside Confucianism and Buddhism, is Taoism. Taoism has lacked the prominence and attention it deserves for many years. Many people believe Taoism is nothing more than sorcery, involving weird signs, incantations, statue praying, and so on. As a result, the misconception that Taoism is a superstitious religion has arisen.

According to Taoist scripture, all things have spirits, and deities of the heavens and earth are all around us. Without our knowledge, the heavenly deities are always looking over us, caring for us, and blessing us.

However, Taoism is among the major religions in Singapore that are based on the teachings of Chinese philosopher Lao Zi. Followers of the faith, which were originally brought to Singapore by Chinese immigrants, account for around 10% of the population, however, their numbers have steadily declined over time. That's primarily because, to realistically suit the present environment, Singapore's younger generations tend to merge their religions' historical traditions with more contemporary activities.

Buddhism being the dominant religion all across Singapore is impacting the minor groups such as Taoism and Confucianism to a greater extent that due to this amalgamation these groups are losing their true essence.

Taoists believe that the human body is inhabited by spirits and ghosts and that the human soul can only find freedom once it has left the body. Taoism is also recognized for its adherents' fervent belief in eternal life. The adherents also think that loved ones who have passed away can be communicated with through a medium, and meditations are used in this regard.

The most affordable funeral package that any funeral service firm may offer for Taoist Funeral starts at $7500 for a 3-day funeral and $8500 for 5-day funeral Various dialect groups may require different Taoist funeral rituals, depending on the ethnicity and origins of our clients; it can be performed using Hokkien, Teo chew, Cantonese, Hainanese, or Hakka burial rites. We are well aware of these requirements and circumstances, and we have a wealth of knowledge collected over the years, so we can provide our Singapore Chinese Taoist clients with the most acceptable and appropriate Taoist funeral package. Certainly, embalming and Funeral Day services are included in our Taoist funeral packages.

Taoist funeral package includes;

    • Body collection & conveyance: Funeral Service Singapore is responsible for collecting bodies from hospitals and transporting them to temples or cremation centers in a timely and comfortable manner.
    • Quality casket: Before being placed in a casket, it is thought that the deceased should be well-dressed and cleansed. Funeral Service Singapore offers services in this area, as well as a highly-polished premium quality casket with half view glass (available in two colors).

  • At the wake: Funeral Service Singapore offers Taoist funeral services, which include a coffin surrounded by fragmented candles, fresh flowers, and images of the deceased. Furthermore, we offer,

  • Reservation and Booking of cremation slot
  • One photo enlargement (10' by 12') and 6 Passport-sized photos
  • Floral frame (10' by 12') and 6 Passport-sized photos
  • Donation Collection Box and Record Book
  • Taoist Memorial Altar Arrangement
  • Taoist Blanket, Pearl, and Pillow Set (1 Unit)
  • Table-Top fresh floral setup (2 Pieces)
  • Void Deck covered with curtain and carpet
  • Fifteen (15) Square Tables
  • Ten (10) Round Tables
  • One Hundred (100) Plastic Chairs
  • Fans and General Lighting
  • Ivory Table Cloths & Seat Covers
  • Paper products:

  • Funeral Lanterns appropriate for the respective dialects (1 pair)
  • Paper House depending on the respective dialects (8ft)
  • Gold and Silver mountains (1 set)
  • Guardian Angels (Golden Boy/Jade Girl) (1pair)
  • Priest Chanting Ceremony: as the Taoist funeral service begins with the priest chanting Taoist scripture, our Taoist Funeral Packages include

  • One chanting session while transferring the body into the coffin (1 priest)
  • Priest attendance & rituals before departing to the crematorium (1 Priest)
  • Performed during the Rites of funeral wake while on the last night (3-5 priests) (7.00 pm - 9.45 pm)
  • Funeral day service:
  • Appreciation Gift Pack (readily folded towels with coins)
  • Professional Pallbearer Services on Funeral Day
  • Ritual assistant and lantern bearers
  • Standard Glass Hearse or a choice of Traditional/Mercedes Limousine Hearse (Extra Top-up)
  • Mobile Toilet: One (1) unit of Mobile Toilet is provided at $80/day and is non-inclusive in the Taoist funeral package
  • Post funeral services:

  • Ash collection services
  • Blessed water setup with crisp flowers
  • Customary advice after the funeral procession (7th, 49th, 100th day, 1st, and 3rd year)

Feast: Following the burial, the deceased's family members host dinner for friends and other relatives and relive and cherish the moments spent with their loved ones by sharing memories and recalling them.

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