Mon, 18 Oct 2021

Electric bikes are a phenomenon. More and more people are interested in the bikes and of course this is a business opportunity for anyone. One of the business niches related to electric bikes that you can try is setting up an electric bikes shop. This is a good business opportunity, however you have to make sure you can buy electric bikes in large quantities and at much lower prices than the market prices. You are advised to buy from ebikes providers who are able to sell wholesale. Of course you can buy online, for example from Haidong Bike, one of the best ebikes manufacturers in China. However, from a buyer's perspective, you have to make sure you're buying the best, whether you're buying only one or in bulk.

That is why we have prepared a list with the 4 main aspects to consider before buying an electrically bike.

The pandemic has led bicycle manufacturers to find themselves in a bottleneck situation in terms of demand and production, resulting in limited stock in stores. Electric bikes have experienced the same boom, and surely there will be a multitude of users who do not want to make a mistake when buying their electric bike caused by situations of limited stock, as they are still elements that usually entail a high outlay.

For this reason, we have prepared a list in which we analyze the main points to take into account for those who do not know which electric bike is best suited to their needs, ordered from greatest to least importance. And it is that electric bikes even in these compasses are objects that hardly make the outlay they require justifiable.

  1. Electrical System Supplier

Buying an electric bike that has an electrical system supplied by a recognized manufacturer is always a guarantee. Although sometimes bicycle manufacturers develop their own motors and electrical systems. If the distributor refuses to communicate with the manufacturer of the electrical system or does not know its origin, we must be suspicious. The electrical scheme is composed of two elements that seem to be the main protagonists of the bike and is the element that makes the product more expensive and we need guarantees. We are talking about the electric motor and the battery that it feeds on.

  1. Power And Type Of Electric Motor

It is important that before buying an electric bicycle we check that the maximum power of its motor does not exceed the 250 W required by European regulations for, for legal purposes, it can be considered an assisted pedaling bike. In addition, you may not exceed 25 kilometers per hour electrically assisting the cyclist. If these two aspects are not fulfilled, the law determines that it is not an electric bike but a moped, so it must be homologated and registered to be able to circulate legally.

If the use that a user has in mind for his electric bike is a demanding use, such as that of an e-Mtb or performance electric road bike, the most appropriate thing to do is to opt for one that has its electric motor located on the axle. of the bottom bracket as they are the most resistant and reliable. On the other hand, in electric touring or commuter-type bikes, it is more common to see proposals with a wheel-hub type motor, located in the rear wheel hub. A common solution to save costs but equally valid if it is for specific or less demanding uses.

  1. Battery Type And Size

An important aspect related to the battery, and even decisive, is whether it is removable or not, as it will facilitate the task of charging the battery for all those who keep it in a storage room, parking space, or private garage. By extracting it we can take it home to charge it regardless of where the bike is. The size of the battery will determine the total distance that will last assisting the cyclist pedaling. There are bikes that approach 1000 Wh capacity, and that thanks to this claim assisted pedaling distances of almost 200 kilometers or more with a load, but not all users will need such a figure of electric assistance. That is why depending on the use that each user wants to give their electric bike, its capacity should depend, which is directly related to the next point.

  1. Type Of Electric Bike

This is a point that affects both those who value an electric bike and a conventional pedal bike. We can mainly distinguish between four types of electric bikes based on the use that their users want to print on them. Those who are going to have this aspect the clearest are those who consider a purely recreational use, and even more so those who seek to do mountain descents or off-road routes, since e-mtb (electric mountain bikes) will be the most appropriate for they, and depending on their budget, will be able to access bikes that look rigid or full-suspension geometry.

Once you know how to buy the ebikes that are suitable for you to sell, you can move on to the next steps such as how to choose your store location, how to choose your employees, how to choose your sales system, and so on. Good luck!

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