Mon, 25 Oct 2021

For some reason, many business owners in New York are intent on seeing the glass half empty. We hear a lot of doomsayers trying to explain how the whole State is making it difficult for businesses to develop long-term plans.

However, we strongly think this is only a vocal minority who have their eyes fixed in the distant past when New York streets were crammed with neon signs because it was the best way to attract business from miles away.

Today, digital marketing services are multiple times more effective than neon signs and people yelling in corners using a bullhorn to get people to notice them. With most people having their eyes glued to their telephone screen, they have no need to squint their eyes looking for the right street sign that leads them to a local business. Online marketing changed this forever.

Those who focus on big stores closing, or an apparent shrinking of the economy, are focusing on the wrong metrics. As any New York SEO company worth its salt will be happy to confirm, business has never been better in the Empire State.

How Did The Market Change?

Being one of the most populous cities in America, and one of the hardest hit by the events of 2020, there was a surge in the demand for high-quality products and services that could be shipped directly to the buyer´s home. That posed serious logistical challenges at the beginning as you can imagine.

However, it also created a huge need for distribution and fulfillment real estate projects. Needless to say, these aren't the kind of projects you would try to undertake in any of the five boroughs as costs would be astronomical. But right now, upstate New York is peppered with warehouses, fulfillment centers, and other structures that offer logistics services to millions of merchants who want to provide New Yorkers with high-quality products without delay.

This recent abundance of distribution centers has made shipping more affordable than ever, widening the profit margins for small merchants and allowing people to increase their shopping cart sizes.

Yes, many big stores closed shop. While some see this as a sign of the end of times, others see it as an opportunity to invest in warehousing and automatized space right in the heart of the city. This will put an end to the war for the last mile. It is now possible for clients who aren't inclined to cover shipping costs to pick up their packages a few blocks away from their homes.

Leveling the Playing Field

Those who relied on traditional sales channels were presented with two options. Close shop, or adapt. Fortunately, American ingenuity prevailed and, right now, most businesses have a strong online presence. We are happy to see that they give the same love they used to give to their physical stores to website design and development aspects of their business.

They work hard to provide unforgettable user experiences that keep customers satisfied and coming back for more.

It is true that, in the beginning, big names had the upper hand as they had deeper pockets to invest in national SEO campaigns. However, local SEO strategies ultimately prevailed, leveling the playing field for small businesses and mom-and-pop shops.

Now it is easier than ever to outrank competitors in Google searches if your audience uses the 'near me' suffix in queries. Of course, your chances of being found increase dramatically if you hire the best New York SEO company for your industry and platform. You need experts to perform hyper-focused keyword research and craft the right content marketing strategy for your brand.

What the Future Has in Store for Merchants

As we can see, local New York SEO and marketing agencies quickly adapted their strategies to give entrepreneurs and startups a competitive edge in the online marketplace. And there are countless case studies that show how eCommerce helped businesses flourish despite the seemingly adverse environment.

Now, the market is moving towards offering more personalized experiences that will inevitably involve social media integration and an even more targeted approach to SEO. Fortunately, the future looks promising as eCommerce platforms make it increasingly easier for merchants to display their products across multiple channels without interrupting their audience´s online experience.

If you´re still not sure what your next steps as a business owner should be, get in touch with a professional New York SEO company, like 1Digital Agency at and discover all the new opportunities technology puts at our disposal. With our help, you will have a clear game plan for long-term growth and success.

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