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How to grow your business using digital marketing

18 May 2021, 19:24 GMT+10

A common question that every valuation company receives is: 'How can I value my company? What are the strategies to make it grow? '. What many do not know is that the answer can vary a lot according to each context. There is no basic formula. For example, for those who know how to grow their company using Digital Marketing, it is possible to obtain a higher valuation with this strategy alone.

In fact, big names in entrepreneurship knew how to use this resource like no one else. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, for example, are experts in using Marketing to grow a company. It is obvious that this does not mean that they are 'just marketing', but it is a fact that they both master communication brilliantly and know how to exploit it to their advantage. Just see, for example, how Elon Musk achieved an 11,708% appreciation in Signal Advance shares with just one tweet (the shares went from $ 0.60 to $ 70.85 in a very short time) - and all because of an error from the market! Another example was how Musk himself valued Tesla's shares with his communication, both on Twitter and corporate.

Of course, you don't have the same features as Musk or Steve Jobs. However, you can learn how to grow your company using digital marketing in a relatively simple way. Want to learn? Then follow the reading below!

How to grow your company using Digital Marketing: 5 steps

  1. Understand the fundamentals of growth

Do you know what are the mechanisms that dictate the growth of a company? For example, how do you know that Company X has grown? Probably because of its market value on the stock exchange. But what if it is not publicly traded (as is probably the case with you)? How do you know if she grew up?

Is it for billing? In truth no. The company can increase revenue and make less profit because it has increased costs. Is it by the profit margin, then? Neither. After all, you can increase your profit margin by raising the price and selling less.

The company grows when it gains a larger share of the market. That is: when she makes more sales. That's why, for example, Uber had a loss of $ 6 billion last year, but celebrated. It burned that money to become operational in order to gain more market.

However, be careful. Uber can only do this strategy because it receives billions of dollars in revenue and investment from angel investors. Burning money from angel investor investment to fuel accelerated growth is the company's strategy, but it doesn't have to be yours.

Always take care of your management, be careful with the numbers, but focus on increasing your position in the market.

  1. Establish a complete and solid marketing structure

In order to gain more market, you need a complete and solid digital marketing structure. In other words: you need to set up the entire campaign, covering all platforms, media and concepts.

For example, suppose your company operates in the B2B market. In this sector, the most effective is to invest in Content Marketing, which can be done via blog and / or via YouTube channel. By assembling the two, you can have this double center that acts as the basis of the action.

Then, set up an attraction capture and lead capture structure in these two centers. Send your leads to an email marketing strategy, where you will qualify and nurture leads to send contacts to your sales team, but also to a social media strategy.

See how this basic skeleton already gives you a way to work with leads? In this way, you create a steady flow of customers, which helps to gain market share.

  1. Invest in branding to strengthen your brand

In the meantime, it is important to invest in branding to strengthen your brand like Webtrends do. Work with visual identity, influencers, native advertising in newspapers and content producers.

This will help to make your brand not only better known, but also more respected and with a greater positive opinion. This element is highly valued.

  1. Understand who your message audience is

It is very difficult for entrepreneurs to understand who the audience is for each message they send. For example, an advertising message for a promotion is targeted at customers. But a press office emphasizing the positive results of the last year is directed at investors.

Therefore, devise strategies that target the right audience. That way, you increase your appreciation for those who matter.

  1. Make data analysis a company culture

Finally, don't forget that digital marketing is completely measurable. Because of this, working with data analysis allows it to be possible to optimize it constantly, bringing more and more positive results. Adopt this as your company's culture so that the valuation is constant.

Ready! Now that you know how to grow your business using Digital Marketing, it's time to start putting these points into practice. Remember that in the absence of an important asset such as your reputation, you need to provide the market with other arguments that value your business, including good management, good sales figures and, of course, a company culture focused on optimization.

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